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JP-S52134124-A: Hose reel device with driving reliability patent, JP-S52135232-A: Comparator patent, JP-S52135552-A: Drinking water purifying device patent, JP-S52136637-A: Separation mechanism patent, JP-S5213728-A: Protection system of information processing unit during the power off patent, JP-S52137659-A: Polarized relay patent, JP-S52138128-A: Automatic shutter for photographic camera patent, JP-S52138321-A: Packed floor and packing method patent, JP-S52138591-A: Modification of copolymers patent, JP-S52139315-A: Pickup device patent, JP-S52139652-A: Method of controlling finish temperature in hot rolling patent, JP-S52141393-A: Bait sinks for supplying baits for fish culture patent, JP-S52142154-A: Gear shaft fork patent, JP-S52142216-A: Excitation controller of synchronous machine patent, JP-S52143110-A: Plate printer equipped with ink feeder and selff feeding of ink patent, JP-S52143141-A: Color nolding method for sole patent, JP-S52143747-A: Phase control circuit patent, JP-S5214475-A: Method and equipment of checking the loosening of bolt patent, JP-S52144973-A: Positioning method of semiconductor wafers patent, JP-S52145127-A: Orchard weeder patent, JP-S52145489-A: Suspension polymerization for granular cross-linking polymer having uniform particle size patent, JP-S52145522-A: Skin treating agent for animal patent, JP-S52146205-A: Magnetic head refuge device patent, JP-S52147582-A: Alkyl alkoxy glyceryl ether sulfonates surfactants patent, JP-S52148432-A: Pouring device for molten metal patent, JP-S52148536-A: Method for repairing underwater structures patent, JP-S52149246-A: Laser welding method patent, JP-S52149651-A: Sheath heater patent, JP-S52150716-A: Cold trap patent, JP-S52152004-A: Tire antiskid unit patent, JP-S52155325-A: Zinc battery patent, JP-S52155912-A: Picture read-in system patent, JP-S52155963-A: Electron ray unit patent, JP-S5216351-A: Mower for edge of lawn patent, JP-S5216737-A: Tongue plate mechanism of safety seat belt patent, JP-S5217117-A: Injection carbreator patent, JP-S5217713-A: Light scanner patent, JP-S5217757-A: Phase comparator sub-circuit of pll demodulator patent, JP-S5217911-A: High speed printer patent, JP-S5217936-A: Digital pinball machine patent, JP-S5218897-A: Rapid production of concentrated soy sauce patent, JP-S5219679-A: 4aaaryllcissdecahydroisoquinolines patent, JP-S5220364-A: Method of manufacture of compound material patent, JP-S5220772-A: Interstice forming method between electrodes patent, JP-S5220793-A: Display purpose discharge lamp patent, JP-S5221095-A: Preparation of high-impact styrene polymer with outstanding appearance patent, JP-S5221326-A: Plant disease controlling agent patent, JP-S5221477-A: Manufacture of oriented mat patent, JP-S5222057-A: Method of producing synthetic building material patent, JP-S5222426-A: Method of installing interface circuit section patent, JP-S5222662-A: Pad support device patent, JP-S5222707-A: Miniature motor patent, JP-S5222877-A: Gas discharge panel patent, JP-S5224027-A: Record regenerator patent, JP-S522406-A: Magnetic recording medium patent, JP-S5225130-A: Method and apparatus for replacing sliver cans patent, JP-S522521-A: Camera protective casing for all weathers patent, JP-S522568-A: Construction of electronic watch patent, JP-S5227367-A: Photo resist processing apparatus patent, JP-S5228432-A: Zinc coating method of fastener metal patent, JP-S5229428-A: Method of forming mold patent, JP-S5229640-A: Sheathed heater patent, JP-S5230157-A: Color video display crt and method of manufacturing same patent, JP-S5231775-A: Transfer function measuring method patent, JP-S5233432-A: Memory unit patent, JP-S5233525-A: Improved xenotar type lens patent, JP-S5233533-A: Sorter patent, JP-S5233994-A: Preparation of modified polyolefin patent, JP-S5234334-A: Power source voltage for drop indicator patent, JP-S5234861-A: Moving floor start and stop signal transmission control system patent, JP-S5234920-A: Liquid for killing cockroaches patent, JP-S5235454-A: Dipsosal of organic waste water containing heavy metals drained from w aste incineration furnace patent, JP-S5235652-A: Light transmitting cable patent, JP-S5237287-A: Method and apparatus for supporting a roller table which conveys materia ls that are to be cut patent, JP-S5237515-A: Method of making mold for precision casting patent, JP-S5237747-A: Electronic desk computer of low power consumption type patent, JP-S5237952-A: Composition for heat-resistant and flame-retardant polyethylene resin patent, JP-S5239114-A: Feeder for linear motor patent, JP-S5240927-A: Device for specifying data word address for data indicator patent, JP-S5241237-A: Herbicidal composition for use in paddy fields patent, JP-S5242201-A: Rotor insulator for motor patent, JP-S5243058-A: Method of and apparatus for producing power transmission belt patent, JP-S5243469-A: Temperature compensating circuit for conductivity meter patent, JP-S5243493-A: Testing composite* instrument and process for bilirubin detection patent, JP-S5243543-A: Hair dryer patent, JP-S5243969-A: Method of manufacturing thin film capacitor patent, JP-S524454-A: Wire drawing die box patent, JP-S5245806-A: Automatic telephone answering device patent, JP-S524647-A: Disposal method for waste water patent, JP-S5246808-A: Magnetic head patent, JP-S524730-A: Progressive-jumping scanning conversion type frame video memory patent, JP-S5247998-A: Cigarette filter patent, JP-S5251336-A: Pocess for preparation of 3-chloro-4-allyloxy-benzaldehyde patent, JP-S5251584-A: 22pole type circuit breaker patent, JP-S5251821-A: Color tv receiver of secam system patent, JP-S5252388-A: Corrosion resistant cylinder type ultrasonic vibrtor patent, JP-S5252988-A: Resin compound releasing odour patent, JP-S5254079-A: Composite reaction apparatus for microorganism belonging to chlorela and anlogue microorganism patent, JP-S5254694-A: Regeneration of catalysts for desulfurizing active carbons patent, JP-S5255109-A: 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